Vanity Lair

1 03 2008

I saw a new television programme called ‘Vanity Lair’ for the first time today. I was shocked by the rules: Only people believe their looks are 10 out of 10 are allowed into the house. Visitors come and the housemates vote the best-looking one into the house, and the newcomer votes the worst looking housemate out of the house.


I started to wonder whether we really have been reduced to this level of superficiality. However, what happened in the house was interesting. The first housemate was voted out – and the reason? Not his looks – but because he had annoyed the other housemates and distanced himself from them. In the end, it came down to being able to get along with others, and if he couldn’t do it, no matter how nice he looked, he was out.

Some of the housemates were asked about what sort of person they were hoping would come into the house. The answer:

‘Not someone beautiful, there’s enough of that in here. We need someone we can get on with and have a laugh.’

It seems that at the end of the day, people will want us around because of who we are and not what we look like.




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