Nothing to believe in

18 01 2008

 As an American living in England I live between these two cultures. I don’t even notice whether people have an English or an American accent anymore. It all sounds ‘normal’ to me.

So, American TV seems normal to me too. I wonder whether British people are ever fed up of all the television programmes and films that are imported from America. I’ve been thinking about Razorlight’s song ‘America’ after I heard it on the radio today. 

 Here’s an excerpt of the lyrics of the song:

All my life
Watching America
All my life
There’s panic in America
Oh Oh Oh, Oh
There’s trouble in America

Yesterday was easy
Happiness came and went
I got the movie script
But I don’t know what it meant

I light a cigarette
‘Cause I can’t get no sleep
Theres nothing on the TV nothing on the radio
That means that much to me
Theres nothing on the TV nothing on the radio
That I can believe in

I know how they feel, in a way. We now have loads of digital channels with our new freeview box, but still it seems like there’s nothing worth watching sometimes.

It made me wonder what if feels like to look to pop culture for meaning. Do people find anything there that they want to put their faith in?

Here is Razorlight’s video of ‘America’:




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