National Treasure

3 01 2008

National Treasure FilmI saw this film for the first time last night. It felt like the Da Vinci Code but with a thoroughly American patriotic twist. The Hero, Ben Gates, hunts for a treasure hidden among national treasures such as the Declaration of Independence and the Liberty Bell by a group of Founding Fathers who were also Masons. The ruthless baddies are chasing him at every turn and of course he is joined in his hunt by a beautiful and intelligent woman who falls in love with him. Despite a predictable plot it is an entertain watch – with suspense mixed with humour and a few stunts thrown in.

I can’t help but wonder, though, why people who want a treasure to remain hidden would draw a map that reveals the location of their riches? On some level they must want the treasure to be found by someone, but it has to be the right person. Underlying this type of story is the assumption that the ability to follow the clues makes the person worthy to find the treasure.

 Is this part of our worldview? Do we believe that if we are smart enough, if we work hard enough and stick to our convictions, we will find that the treasures of life can be our’s? At the end of the film we see Ben standing outside his new big house holding hands with a beautiful woman. He has the girl, money and fame. It’s a happy ending because we can see that he has found the treasure that life has to offer him.




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